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Carved in Stone on Paper: 18th and 19th Century Printed Family Registers Made for Pennsylvania Germans by Corinne Earnest


Entirely printed family registers are rare and often contain genealogical data recorded nowhere else. This book illustrates press-press-printed registers made for families surnamed Bachman, Bär, Bauman, Bollinger, Eby, Ernst, Ernst, Heilman, Henkel, Herchey, Keller, Knabb, Landes, Lapp, Martin, Mayer, Miller, Mohler, Ottinger, Ritter, Schenk, Stauffer, Weber, and Widener. 


Softcover, 81 pages. Everyname index. Illustrated in black & white.

Carved in Stone on Paper - Corinne Earnest

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$18.28Sale Price


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