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This is Volume 6. Check out description regarding this series.


117 editions added to Klaus Stopp’s first six volumes!


NEW! - Volume 7


(Above) Possibly the first English-language edition printed by Johann Herman in Lancaster, Ohio, this certificate is No. 892.1 in the new 7th volume.


The Printed Birth and Baptismal Certificated of the German Americans - Volume 7 by Russel Earnest


A SEVENTH volume has now been added to Klaus Stopp’s monumental work about printed birth & baptism certificates made by and for 18th and 19th century Americans of German heritage. Many editions found by Stopp are exceedingly rare. The first six volumes of this technical study include 1,000 quality color illustrations, plus genealogy data from thousands more.


The recently published 7th volume (2014) includes 117 additional editions, Manu of which were unknown to Stopp.


Seven volumes, hardcover linen. Everyname index in each volume $600 per set or can be ordered individually (check out other products in our store).


Vol. I - $86

Vol. II - $91

Vol. III - $91

Vol. IV - $91

Vol. V - $86

Vol. VI - $ 91

Vol. VII - $81

Klaus Stopp - Volume 7

$81.00 Regular Price
$68.85Sale Price


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