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Welcome to the Earnest Archives and Library!

Our mission is to share the rich history of fraktur and broadsides created by and for Pennsylvania Germans.


Join us for public speaking presentations and check out our publications to learn more about what we have to offer.

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Offering a complete line of books about 18th and 19th century Pennsylvania German fraktur and broadsides.

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Most recent edition
of Der Reggeboge

The newest edition of Der Reggeboge (The Rainbow) Journal of the Pennsylvania German Society is out. Established in 1891, the Pennsylvania German Society is dedicated to exploring 325 plus of Pennsylvania German history in the colonies and America. Volume 54 of Der Reggeboge is dedicated to the study of Fraktur in this case, Fraktur Fest IV!

This issue includes, “In the Beginning: A Fraktur Genesis,” by Russ Earnest and Patricia Earnest Suter. In this case, the word Fraktur encompasses a discussion of the early American version of the illuminated manuscript to include religious text, New Year’s Greetings, House Blessings, Vorschrift, Birth and Baptism Certificates, and more.

Additionally, articles written by June Burk Lloyd, Del-Louise Moyer, Marilyn A. Becker, and Deborah Bussert Baker complete the discussion. Beautifully illustrated, Der Reggeboge showcases both free hand and printed works. To learn more, contact the Pennsylvania German Society at

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Image by Gülfer ERGİN

Imagine finding your ancestor’s birth and baptism certificate hanging on the wall of a museum! If you have Pennsylvania German heritage, your ancestor’s decorated “fraktur” might be in a museum or proudly featured in a book about American folk art.

Fraktur are 18th and 19th century decorated manuscripts and printed forms made by and for Pennsylvania Germans (often called Pennsylvania Dutch). Most are birth and baptism certificates made in southeastern Pennsylvania or anywhere Pennsylvania Germans settled. Collectively called fraktur, these manuscripts are America’s equivalent to monastic manuscript art of medieval Europe. As a whole, they represent a wonderful body of personal records and primary sources often overlooked by family historians.
Since 1971, Russ and Corinne Earnest have recorded more than 40,000 fraktur and Bible records, most of which are inaccessible to genealogists.
Our mission at the Earnest Archives and Library is to share information from fraktur and broadsides through our publications and public speaking presentations. 

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